Peacocking / Peacock Theory

Quick Definition: When a PUA wears something flashy or unusual to attract women’s attention and start conversations with them. Mystery’s original idea came from how animals would spend resources depending a certain physical trait at the detriment of survival, examples include the deer’s antlers and a peacock’s tail.

Full Definition:

Peacocking is a technique developed to get attention in busy, distraction filled environments such as night clubs. By wearing something showy like a cowboy hat or a glowing necklace, a PUA is able to differentiate himself from his competition in the club. This is a term derived from the biological behavior or peacocks and from Darwinism.

peacock attracting female
peacock attracting female

Peacocking can also encourage women to start conversations by commenting on the article of clothing they are wearing. The PUA can then use this as a starting point for a DHV routine or some other method of generating attraction and keeping the conversation going.

Taken to the extreme, peacocking can also be a way for a PUA to DHV himself by showing that he is able to stand up to social pressure. By wearing something completely ridiculous, a PUA opens himself up to ridicule from AMOGs and shit tests from women. By demonstrating that he can deal with this social pressure, the PUA demonstrates attractive alpha characteristics.

In Seduce With Style, Vince (me) talks about peacocking and different style techniques to achieve this. Vince notes, “Peacocking is a way to amplify attention. Therefore, the man who is the best peacocked AND congruent with his look, will get the attention of the opposite sex. However, if he remains to be shy and submissive but is dressed flashy, peacocking will amplify other’s negative feeling towards him. The positive and negative amplifications are magnified through peacocking.


I am peacocking with my pink heart necklace tonight.

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Source: Mystery