Quick Definition: Using a woman who the PUA is not interested in as social proof to attract other women, or a woman used in such a manner.

Full Definition:

In chess, the act of trading a pawn in for a better piece is called “pawning.”

The concept is the same in pickup, where a PUA can take HBs from a set he is not interested in and forward merge them in order to display pre-selection and social proof. With SHBs, it is important to pawn using adjacent sets to create value, as this flash game display of DHV will lower their bitch shields and act as a DQ.

Pawns can be traded for a more attractive pawn, a target, or used to occupy an AMOG or another HB friend. It is important to note that pawning does not mean the PUA is exploiting the woman who is the pawn. Rather, he is adding value to her by introducing her to other people, while also gaining value in his social movement in a venue. If the pawn feels like she is being used, pawning her will draw negative reactions, or it may back fire later on.


Use blue bunnies as pawns who can introduce you to other girls in the group.

Related Terms: Group Theory, Flash Game, Merging, Social Proof, Pre-Selection, DHV

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