Path To Mastery

Quick Definition: The road that masters take in order to become really good at picking up girls (applies to any other skill-set as well)

Full Definition:

There are many obstacles on the path to mastery, and Owen talks about them as well as the potential rewards should one take on and complete this journey. In some ways, the path to mastery is never at an end. There are always new things to explore and new ideas to implement.

Several commonalities between master seducers include and are not limited to the following:

  • Acceptance of universal laws like “give before you receive”, “process over outcome”, “life does not owe you anything”, “embracing good fear”, “stepping out of your comfort zone”, “preparation is key” and many others
  • Facing rejection and bad experience and choosing what that means to us (empowerment, or disability memories)
  • Getting good results, and stories with great results
  • Sex with women you truly desire
  • The ability to understand people
  • The muscle to consistently step out of your comfort zone
  • Remaining unaffected by public opinion (and still winning)

 Owen talks about the Path to Mastery:



Every MPUA had to travel the path to mastery, all in their own way

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