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    Quick Definition: Long term, anchored attributes such as physical looks, height, historical sense of self worth, wealth, physical fitness, and dancing skills, among other traits. Passive value traits are displayed with ease and unconsciously to new people we meet, and are inherently long term and difficult to change in the short term time span.

    Full Definition:

    A PUA’s passive value determines the margin of error allowed to him based on the difference of the perceived value between the HB and him. Passive Value applies to women as well. Usually, the hotter a girl is, the more passive value she has, and her margin of error when gaming a man of value is higher.

    Has a man ever fallen for the mediocre looking girl who has charm, wit, and a sense of humor but was a little on the chubby side? If so, it is because she has seduced the man with the right personality, despite having a relatively lower passive value. Passive value in a cold approach often refers to the combination of physical fitness, body language, and natural physical attributes. (I.e. being tall = natural model attribute, but it does not mean the person is physically fit.) These values are long term, and even if they can taken away, it can only be done over time.

    Think of PV as riches vs. wealth. Riches can be lost, wealth is generational. PV can also include long term value builders in social circle game such as wealth, lineage of family, and social connections. Another analogy of PV can be the base attribute stats of your RPG character; they can always be upgraded, but take time to change.

    Jack Coxwell on passive value at 4:00 minutes:


    Arnold’s PV is quite high, so although he’s a rAFC I think he will do well on his openers tonight.

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    Source: Jack Coxwell

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