Passive IOIs

Quick Definition: IOIs that involve a lack of action from the target HB.

Full Definition:

A lack of action can also signal interest from a girl towards the PUA. Examples of passive IOIs include but are not limited to:

  • Her friends goes to bathroom she stays
  • Her friends goes to dance, she stays
  • She doesn’t flinch or move away when you get closer
  • She stays and waits for you when you go to bathroom
  • She doesn’t resist you when you physically escalate

These are passive because she is not choosing to take an action that removes her from the PUA’s presence or stopping the seduction process. Passive IOIs usually cannot be read from hired guns as they often fake IOIs and will stay with a mark to get his money. Generally speaking, a SHB girl just choosing to spend time with the PUA is a passive IOI.

girl stays in set pua
If the girl stays in set when her friend goes to the bathroom, she is showing the PUA a passive IOI

It is important to note that passive IOIs can also apply when roles are reversed. If a guy stays too long with a girl, and she wants to leave, she may interpret his presence as a passive IOI towards her. If he does not have enough value, she will consider him lower in his perceived social value. Understanding passive IOIs allows another avenue for the PUA to gauge what the girl is thinking.


She’s staying with us for so long. That’s a passive IOI

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