• Passé

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Something that is passé, is something that is old and outdated.  While passé implies old, it does not refer to something that is old but good.  It is precisely the opposite of vintage, which connotes glamour and even sexiness.

    MC Hammer parachute pants are a perfect example of fashion that is now passé.

    passe hammer pants

    While parachute pants conjure up nostalgic feelings for many children and young adults of the 1990s, in terms of actual applicability to current fashion, they are for all intents and purposes dead.  In certain years or certain groups, skinny jeans for men are passé, if they ever were fashionable and visually and sexually appealing to women. The passe word can be used for niche groups as well as the mainstream market.

    Another example of a passe or passing fad was the reverse jersey and jeans wear of Kris Kross, a rap kid group in the 90s.

    Kriss Kross MV:

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