Party Girl

Quick Definition: The type of girl that is either naturally in “party mode” or going through a period in her life where she just wants to have fun and party!

Full Definition:

Women are emotional creatures, and the effect of estrogen and other hormones means that they feel emotions on a stronger and deeper level than most guys (all things being equal). Party girls either are born that way or are a result of a girl being in that emotional state over that week or period of time. Perhaps she just became single, or something significant has happened to her that made her realize she’s been missing out on the fun.

party girl 1

Party girls tend to dress provocatively, are more touchy-feely, and are extremely flirty. They come in all shapes and sizes, although obviously the hotter ones book more attention from the guys. A good looking party girl can command a ton of attention as chodes and guys try to hit on what seems like a DTF girl.

Party girls should be part of your entourage, but do not always depend 100% on them. They can be flaky and will bounce at the first opportunity of a more “shiny object.” They are like kittens chasing butterflies, and are looking for emotional spikes that make them “feel good.”

If you get to know a party girl, you may find that underneath the fun she’s using it to hide a deeper emotional pain that most people don’t see. However, to properly game a party girl from a cold approach, you will need to stick with her and often compete with other guys who see her as a vulnerable or open lay.

Most often, the party girl will go home with the last guy standing, so be strong and stay cool. You can’t neg her too much, but you shouldn’t give her everything because she will lose interest in you. Much like a cat, the party girl needs to be calibrated in order to game properly.

If the party girl is in your party, she usually makes you look very good by flirting with the girls in your group and you. Use them as great photo opportunities to build your social profile. At the end of the night, party girls can be DTF, but surprisingly sometimes they are not. You must see through the party persona to the real girl. Some “normal” girls can be extremely DTF as long as you keep it subtle. Ironically, party girls often pass out, or just want to go to sleep for tomorrow night’s party, so don’t automatically assume that party girls are more DTF. It depends on the situation and her core personality, which is not always easy to see right away in people we just met.


Brianna is a hardcore party girl. Good times.

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