Party Foul

Quick Definition: A form of social rule breaking that occurs when someone commits a certain behavior error at a party.

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Embracing the life of a pickup artist is an adventure. And if you go all in and play the game right, it’ll lead you to some pretty insane situations. The type of situations that are usually the natural habitat of the Motley Crues and Guns N Roses of this world. And even if you play it safe and stay away from the more rambunctious scenes, you should find yourself in the occasional and relatively tame social gatherings at the very least. And there’s nothing less attractive than a man that doesn’t know how to handle himself in a social situation.

Party Foul, Drink Spilled on Floor
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A party foul is a social gaffe or act that is considered unacceptable in a social setting. An example of a party foul is accidentally spilling your drink on someone, and is usually called out by someone yelling “party foul.”

While it is imperative that a pickup artiste knows how to have an insanely good time, it’s important that he manages to do so without putting anyone around him in discomfort or danger. Think about it, if you were a girl, you wouldn’t want to go home with the guy that got so drunk that he started pulling out his Shakira moves on the dance floor, now would you?

Below are of the more common party fouls that the pickup artiste should watch out for:

Getting drunk – If you really enjoy your single malt like some of us do, a glass or two is OK. But if you’re using alcohol as a crutch to help you get over your approach anxiety or social fears, you have some serious training to do. And if you’re a fan of drinking like a fish, you should be doing it on your own time and not when you’re out picking up women.

Puking – If you find yourself needing to rush to the bathroom you’ve probably already committed the first party foul. But I digress. If you feel the urge to purge yourself at a party or social gathering, make sure that you make it to the bathroom and for heaven’s sake make sure you flush. Spilling your cookies on your way to the bathroom or leaving a mess in there is a surefire way to ensure that you never get invited to any future social gatherings hosted by anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Trying to start a fight – There’s nothing more annoying than the guy trying to show off his ‘alpha-ness’ by trying to start a fight with a dude that bumped into him and spilled his beer. No one likes that guy. Women don’t want to go home with that guy. So don’t be that guy.

Not bringing a rubber – The world rewards those who are prepared to grab their good fortunes by the balls. Don’t find yourself in the closing stages of a flirtatious courtship with a beautiful woman who’s agreeable to moving things to the bedroom and realizing that you didn’t pack a rubber.


Puking on the dance floor was a major party foul. 

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