Paradorn Srichaphan and Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe)

Source Paradorn Srichaphan, professional tennis superstar in Thailand
White Girl Stereotype Not stereotypes here. Well-traveled Russian girl who won Miss Universe in 2005 after moving to Canada
  • Professional tennis player, and asking her to move to Thailand to live with him
  • Winning over Miss Universe 2005
White Girl Hotness level 10.0 / 10.0
Bonus After moving to Thailand, Natalie learned the local culture and language to fit in with her husband’s culture

Paradorn Srichaphan doesn’t get a lot of love in the US media. His name by itself is a tongue twister for most Americans.

In Thailand and southeast Asia, he is the king of tennis. Known for always performing a wai on the tennis court to thank his fans and show respect for his opponents, the man is a role model Thai who keeps a low key profile despite his accomplishments.

Paradorn married Natalie Glebova, who was Miss Universe 2005 in 2007. Personal details as to how this romance came about was not public information. His wife is no slacker either, as she notes:

“I was born in Tuapse, Russia, and my parents migrated to Canada when I was 13, so language was no problem. I wanted to be a gymnast but I kept growing till, finally, I had to give it up in Canada. I also knew I could never be a ballerina due to my height!”

Miss Universe 2005: