Paisley Pattern Paisley is a textile pattern, resembling a twisted droplet, which originated in Persia and India (although it’s name comes from Paisley, a town in central Scotland).

Paisley is known by many names. Among American traditionalists and quiltmakers, Paisley is known as “Persian pickles”. They also variously known as “Welsh pears”, “mango seeds”, and “cypress tree” (from which the design originated).

Paisley today can be found in many fabrics, especially those with Indian origin. They are also a common motif on handkerchiefs and bandannas, as well as neckties and the flourishes found in many t-shirt designs.

Because paisley is commonly found in bandannas, there is a slight hood/gangster association with paisley:

Gangster Paisley
Paisley-- gangster style

Despite this, paisley is a versatile pattern that if worn right can convey eliteness and a touch of exoticness:

Paisley Bandana
A classy paisley bandana
Paisley Dress Shirt purple
An elegant paisley dress shirt

Paisley is also a common pattern found in neckties:

Paisley Neckties
A collection of paisley neckties
Paisley Tie
A simple and understated paisley tie

Paisley in other clothing items:

Paisley Scarf
A detailed paisley scarf
Paisley Shoes
A shoe with the paisley motif

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