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    Top 10 PUAs of 2011

    It's that time of year again! Every year at PUA Lingo we like to reflect back and see who the top Pick Up Artists of the year were (see our list of Top 10 PUAs for 2010). However, we've noticed that the same guys end up on these lists every yea..read

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    The Belief System of a Successful Man

    In the recent decades, theories in psychology give more weight to how our beliefs affect the way we view life and the way we behave. The basic idea behind this is that our mind can only concentrate on a tiny part of what it receives via our 5 senses..read

    Guest Posts

    PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #5: Brad P

    Who? Brad P really needs no introduction. A man who has develop his own style of natural game, he has helped hundreds of guys with his personal coaching and his products. Why Listen? We talk about how to spot "DTF" girls Brad explains his..read