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    VH1 The Pick Up Artist

    Guest post by Chrstine When it comes to being a PUA, anything you pick up to read on the topic, or go online to learn on the topic, at some point will likely mention the VH1 show “The Pickup Artist”. It was this show where the world first met ..read

    Game Guide

    Top 10 Tips for PUA’s Just Starting Out

    Guest post by Christine If you are a PUA just starting out, you probably have a lot of questions. You probably came into this field because you need some help, any help, when it comes to picking up women. While forums and blogs and books and video..read

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    The 11 Types of Pick Up Artists

    Stereotypical Archetypes of Pick Up Artists in mainstream media are often depicted as nerdy guys who spend way too much time playing video games suddenly turning their obsessive attention into trying to pick up girls. As a member of the community, me..read

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    Your Questions Answered with DJ Fuji: Episode I

    Hey guys! This month I got an exclusive interview series to ask ANY pick up related question with my mentor DJ Fuji. And you can too! Add your comments, suggestions, insults, sidenotes below. We will feature the most prominent and well thought out qu..read

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    Nick Kho (aka Papa) from The Game Getting Married

    Nick Kho (aka Papa) the co-founder of multi-million dollar pickup company Real Social Dynamics and one of the main characters in The Game by Neil Strauss has proposed to his longtime girlfriend Amber Holmes, and the two will be getting married in Dec..read

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    The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention

    Hey guys, It's early in the morning on Sunday and it is beautiful out here in California. I am super excited because this weekend marked my first threesome and it has been a non-stop progression of improving my game to a level it has never been b..read


    The 12 Best PUA Movies and PUA Characters

    Every year we find ourselves with newer and cooler movies. Romantic Comedy alone generates billions of dollars a year in revenues. But what of movies from the past? Here are my 12 favorite movies that portray iconic characters who fit the PUA / seduc..read