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    Episode 11. Hydro on Online Dating Secrets

    In this episode we talk about: The Casanova Crew and who they are Girls in Southern California and if they are hot Online Dating secrets Race issues in online Dating Getting the number from messages, and pushing for the date How to avoi..read


    Top 15 PUAs of 2012 by PUA Lingo

    You voted... and we counted. There were so many great instructors and stories that came through the comments, blogs, my inbox, and the threads on the forums. Most importantly, it came from observation of students actually improving and instructors w..read


    Top 5 Pick Up Artist Forums

    Top Five Pickup Artist Forums Looking for a place to hang out and get the goods on being a pick up artist but don’t know where to start? Check out our detailed and comprehensive list of the top five pickup artist forums that will give you a good..read


    The best PUA Instructor in 2012 – Viewer’s Choice

    Hey guys. Can I get a quick opinion on something? I've only got a minute and have to get back to my friends. Here goes: It is that time of the year again. We need your picks of the best dating coaches of 2012. This year, we're doing things a bit d..read


    What is the PUA Day Game?

    Guest post by Christine It’s a term that is seen everywhere in the PUA community, and if you are new to the game, you are probably very curious about what it is. The term itself can even be confusing to the newbie. It’s not bad enough that you..read


    Top 10 PUA Blogs

    You will never be short of resources when you are looking for information on being a successful PUA. One of the best sources of info though is from the blogs of the best. Here you get an inside look at their life as a PUA. So what blogs should you st..read