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    Exclusive Seduction Product Video Reviews by PUA Lingo

    Hey Gang, We recently launched a series that focused on high quality seduction product reviews. Here are the 3 first products we reviewed: 2 Girls Teach Sex, Female Mind Mastery, and Tao of  Badass. Let us in on your thoughts about the quality of..read


    Gareth Jones Interview

    In episode 16 of our Masters Interview Series, I talk with the famed Gareth Jones of "Art of the Playboy". We discuss: Gaming for lays vs. gaming for personal goals Club girls vs. more mellow girls How to game club girls Conveying value and..read

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    Re: What Can I Help You With Most Right Now?

    I asked you what I could help you with, and you responded. With a sample of over 1000 responses via PUA Lingo, I was able to put together how I can help most of our readers. Here is a pie chart showing the different issues that guys have when it com..read

    Guest Posts

    Top Dating Coaches (Pick Up Artists) of 2013

    Hey Fans, Followers, PUAs, Naturals, AFCs, Haters, Hope you're having a great summer and it is that time of the year again. This year we asked you to list your favorite dating instructors and we investigated each and every suggestion from our rea..read


    Interview with Ali and Johnny from Kezia-Noble.com

    I got a chance to talk to Ali The Natural and Johnny Cassell, both professional coaches at Kezia-Noble.com this week. In this interview we talk about: How to view girlfriends in a healthy way and pick the RIGHT girl instead of settling How to h..read