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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Ozzie, originally from Cuba and based on Barcelona, Spain, is responsible for running Real Social Dynamics operations and bootcamps in Europe. He has a strong accent and has contributed many great posts  on the RSD Forums and other forums. Of particular importance is Ozzie’s natural friendliness and vibe that appears to smash through his otherwise mediocre physical looks. Ozzie advocates developing a strong mentality in regards to picking up women and going for the close, even if just for practice.

    Ozzie Quotes

    Most guys are terrified to make mistakes. Why? 

    You guessed it right. The measuring system. It haunts them in the back of their head. Makes them feel they need to “improve” constantly to “live up to”.

    Not good because it destroys the guys natural ability and coolness. It goes against its core of naturalness. The guy is not relaxed so he can not perform properly. His own outcome oriented mind paralyzes him.

    The “need for constant feedback” is at the heart of the measuring system. The need to be “reassured” that he is doing right even when he is doing right. Self confidence is coming from “outside” not from inside where it should.

    Ozzie Pictures

    instructor ozzie pua

    ozzie in europe

    Ozzie at 1:56 on the “Closer” mentality

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