Overcompensating Behavior

Quick Definition: The behavior of someone who goes over the top because he or she doesn’t think he is good enough for a particular scenario.

Full Definition:

Back in the Spring Autumn Waring States period in China, a wise emperor noted that those who were extremely nice to him in fact wanted him killed and their niceness was an overcompensating behavior to mask their deep hatred for the actual person. If in fact we did not care about another person, our behavior would be nonchalant more-so versus overly nice.

Overcompensation can also rear its head in the form of

  • Approval and fulfillment out of others through fake compliments and excessive grand behaviors
  • Napoleon Complex – stems from a fear of insecurity via height
  • Small Penis Complex – stems from insecurity over small penis, and what that communicates to him as a man
  • God Complex – stems from a feeling of superiority to others and denail of own humanity
  • Always trying to prove something at work and being better than others – stems from feeling a deep “lack” thereof and the need to fulfill that emptiness via work

napoleon complex

In pick-up, newbies often over compensate by being overly nice to girls, or even guys. In doing so, they lower their own value and in fact make it harder to game the girl. Over-compensation can also happen in relationships if the guy genuinely feels like the girl is too good for him


Try to recognize your overcompensating behavior patterns.

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