Outer Game

Quick Definition: The area of game that is purely technique based. Outer game eliminates discussions on personality differences and focuses on a PUA’s “outer” reflection of game.

Full Definition:

“Our thoughts become actions, our actions become behavior, our behavior becomes character, and our character becomes our destiny” (Napoleon Hill). Thus, outer game is ultimately dependent on the person’s internal state and thoughts and the external representation of the PUA’s game. That being said, sometimes developing a PUA’s outer game can give him more confidence, especially if he has other wealth and health areas of his life relatively on par with his life goals. For example, teaching a guy better body language with raised shoulders and a strong poster will physiologically make him feel more confident as well.

Outer game techniques can be taught in instruction manual-like steps, where the PUA can follow very specific descriptions. For example, to walk like a male model, there are very specific measurements in terms of your shoulder’s position, chest extension, the pace and speed you move your head and eye gaze, etc. The PUA’s body language when approaching, voice tonality, eye contact, and the opener to use, are all outer game related attributes.


Rich’s outter game is tight, but his inner game becomes weak when he deals with rejection from specific types of girls.

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