Out Alpha

Quick Definition: To successfully display more alpha male characteristics than a competitor in a set or venue.

Full Definition:

Out alphaing someone can occur in a competitive AMOG situation. It can also be a subtle difference in game and personality between friends. The result is that one conveys more alpha-ness and thus appears more attractive to the women in a venue.

It is important to note that all displays of “alpha-ness” are the same between the PUA, target, and venue. Congruency is required for the PUA. For example, in Entourage, Ari Gold would not do well as the boss of his office (and with HBO’s viewers) with Vince’s laid back attitude. Similarly, a cool, laid back guy may appear incongruent if he becomes overly vocal and emotional, as another more kino/caveman oriented PUA would be. In a classy dance event, the louder PUA may appear obnoxious, whereas he may be the most alpha guy at a meat market club in downtown NYC. It is important to calibrate based on what constitutes “value,” depending on one’s core personality, the event, and the venue.


Zan definitely out alpha’d you at Matrix, even though you were more antagonistic, his calm and smooth approach just elevated his value way above yours in a subtle way.

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