Quick Definition: A man who spends time with an HB pretending to be their friend, though in truth he wants to sleep with her.

Full Definition:

Orbiters are usually AFCs who are interested in an HB, but who are afraid to show his feelings for her. Or they could be men who have already been rejected by the HB, who still cling onto the hope of getting into a sexual relationship.

Attractive women often have orbiters around them as social proof, back-up BFs in case their current relationship fails, and as convenient “friends” to dump all their emotional problems on from their asshole boyfriends.

Orbiters come in many shapes and sizes:

  • The best friend: who has been in the friend zone for way too long and has, for the most part, given up on fucking the HB. His lingering feelings from the inability to close her makes him a dangerous cockblock.
  • The sugar daddy: who still think he has shot with the HB, but in reality the HB is using him (consciously or unconsciously) for his willingness to pay for her and provide for her with financial resources. This guy is no competition to a PUA.
  • The cool friend: who may have wanted to fuck her originally, but has since genuinely become her friend and moved on. He orbits because of the social value she brings to him, and, while if it came down it, he would fuck her, he has for the most part moved on. The cool friend is befriend-able, and a pivot here will help.
  • The gay friend: who isn’t totally gay. He may act like a mother hen or AFOG, with SHBs, and sometimes fucks her, but there is no relationship or feelings. It is important to befriend him given his ability to communicate on a feminine level. If befriending is not possible, at least neutralize him. Fighting with the gay friend will only end up with you wacking it to internet porn.
  • The loser friend: who she knews from childhood or work, that the HB does not want around but has no choice given the situation. Ignoring him is best, though if you do AMOG him, be sure not to do it in cruel way; he is still able to interrupt and drag her away.

PUAs are not orbiters. They bring more value to the people they hang with than they take away. There is an equivalent exchange of high value.


HB Stripper Jenny has many orbiters that always go out with her on Friday nights.

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