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    The etymology of the color “orange” is Indian; it comes from the Sanskrit word Narange, which means orange (fruit) tree.  Aside from this ethnic connection, orange, like other English words for colors come from either Latin, a Proto-Indian language, or high old German.

    Orange-Shades custom wrap

    Orange perhaps has the most versatile shades, and different variations of its dye can transform fabric into gold, champagne and even apricot!

    shades of orange

    Any clothing item with orange in your closet will stand out and shine brightly among black and white clothing. It is one of the harder and more advanced colors to pull off, especially for men.

    steel city tools

    orange versatile colors

    Orange shirt really stands out in a nightclub – a great way to peacock. Take a look at Eryk below in a nightclub – he's colorful and shining in a sea of darker grey colors. If in doubt, just get a well fitted orange shirt and dark jeans to peacock in a club.

    Eryk The Great orange shirt-keys to the vip

    Eryk The Great from Keys to the VIP

    Orange Mens Sports Shirt

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    good to see the site having new materials, i was starting to miss it. i would love to see a few pics of the colors done right

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