Opinion Opener

Quick Definition: A type of opener used to start a conversation by eliciting a woman or a set for their opinion on a topic.

Full Definition:

Opinion openers are a form of indirect opener used to get a PUA into a conversation. These can be improvised, but more often are scripted routines centered on topics that are designed to start a heated conversation (i.e. chick crack).

One famous opinion opener is Mystery’s “Who Lies More” opener (which has become so overused that it is often referred to as an inside joke). Basically, a PUA approaches a set and asks them for their opinion on whether they think men or women lie more. The question has a lot of drama built into it and is a good example of chick crack, which can be used to get a set to hook.

Opinion openers work best when they seem spontaneous, and there is a valid reason for why the PUA would be asking the question. Adding in a false time constraint will also make the set feel more comfortable with the PUA, and more likely for them to respond positively to the opener.

So the above “Who Lies More” opener with a reason and an FTC would look like:

“I have to get back to my friends in just a minute, but I wanted to ask you guys something. My girlfriend and I were having a discussion, and we just couldn’t come to an agreement– maybe you can help us. Who do you think lies more, men or women?”


I used an opinion opener to get the set engaged, and quickly reached the hook point.

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