Quick Definition: A complex men suffer from soon after getting into a relationship, where they can only have sex with one girl.

Full Definition:

Fidelity isn’t a bad thing; especially when you’re in a serious relationship with a girl who feels the same way as you do. But having 0ne-gina can lead to a lot of pain and suffering when you’re involved with a girl who doesn’t want an exclusive relationship. Men suffering from one-gina often idealize the girl that they are with to such a great degree that they build her up in their minds as ‘the perfect girl’. And as a result end up feeling a complete and blind sense of devotion to her, making it impossible for them to even consider sleeping or interacting with other women.

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Yet it’s important to remember that the complex of one-gina is never the woman’s fault. It often stems from a place of insecurity in men where they feel that a specific girl is special, and unlike any other, and that they’ll never find a girl like her. This is common in men who have little or no social skills and aren’t exposed to interactions with women of high quality on a regular basis. To such men, a woman of exceptional beauty or character is so alien that when by some chance they do begin a romantic relationship with one they cling onto her for dear life. And they put her on a pedestal as the perfect woman not really knowing who she is as a human being.

The only way to avoid suffering from one-gina is to expose yourself to high quality women and work on your social skills. By doing so you will develop a mentality of abundance. And this in turn will enable you to have passionate and healthy relationships with exceptional women while truly understanding them as human beings with exceptional qualities and flaws alike.

Usage: His bad case of one-gina made it impossible for him to even flirt with other women. 

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