On Freedom

Whatever your stance is on the PUA community, one thing is clear: we seek the knowledge to be free from our fears with women and relationships. To me, this journey started years ago and continues to this day. For you, this exciting quest may have started recently.

I have met many PUAs over the years in seminars, workshops, through friends, and even as warm hosts during my travels to San Diego, Boulder and Vegas. Some wanted to find the right girl to marry, others wanted to play the field. The differences in our goals was connected through the commonality of seeking freedom in male to female relationships. While not everyone wanted to “lay 100 girls”, every one of them wanted to make decisions based on women from a place of security rather than fear.

To me, this freedom represents a healthier relationship with women and with oneself. If a man can make his relationship decisions not based on his FEAR of the loss of her and his inability to replace her with a girl of equal or higher value, then his decision criteria becomes one of validity around their true compatibility with each other as partners.

Too many times, we have seen AFCs hang onto broken relationships because “oh she’s so hot”. But the point is clear – the knowledge is now online and out here for those that want to master this skill set. Freedom of choice. That was the underlying principle this country was built on.

To me, this freedom extends beyond women to other areas of my life. Mainly, work. Too many of us toll away at jobs we do not like, not realizing that all this is related!


The ability to exercise free will and do they things we want to do, in a way that adds value to a market-based economy, where money is generally made (on a mass level) by providing VALUE (good or service) to another person. Never has the ability to live freely been so available in the history of man.

Those of you who know me personally know that my dad was a diplomat and I stay far and clear from politics. Actually, I got into business specifically for my reasoning that supply and demand creates a fair marketplace, where governments do not and rely on the balance of power to force decisions to be made.

However, every now and then an issue that is so far reaching becomes a part of the fabric of our reality. I’m not going to tell you to “do something about SOPA or PIPA”. These are simply offsprings of a greater problem – the loss of our freedom. The incentives are irrelevant. They always stem from the same place: power, greed, control. These emotions can be good sometimes as long as others are allowed their own freedom. For example, you may have a crazy and power hungry boss. The marketplace allows you the opportunity to leave that boss, in a relatively short period of time, and find other employment with the skill set and value you bring to the table.

So tomorrow, as a very large base of the American population rally to defend its freedom on the new frontier of the Internet, take a moment to appreciate the freedom your enjoy, as you continue your journey to seek true freedom in your relationships.


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