Omega Male

Quick Definition: The lowest member of a social hierarchy, who is subordinate to everyone else.

Full Definition:

In the animal kingdom, the omega male is the lowest member of the social group. They are the opposite of the alpha male—they are weak, subordinate, and last to have access to resources such as food. Many omegas do not have the opportunity to mate at all in their lifetimes.

Human social hierarchies are usually less rigidly defined, but, as with any hierarchy, there is always going to be someone at the bottom. Omegas are generally of low education, poor physical health, and have low self-esteem. While money and looks are not required to be successful with women, omega males lack the majority of the characteristics that women find attractive, and generally have no chance at picking up a girl. Omega males are typically virgins or haven’t had sex in many years.

Very few people are completely hopeless when it comes to love and sex, so, by practicing pickup and doing a little bit of self-improvement, even the least successful have a chance of finding a girlfriend. Many successful PUAs were once complete losers who hit rock bottom before bouncing back and taking the necessary steps to improve their situations.

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