Observer / Observed

Quick Definition: A person who is watching / A person who is being watched by the crowd

Full Definition:

In the Mystery Method, Mystery refers to certain individuals and events in the club as the observer vs. the observed. The observers are people who don’t do anything and never take action. The observed are interacting with people, talking to different girls, and so forth. Usually in a group the observed are the people in more social and larger crowds, although not always the case.

Generally speaking, if the observed is seen doing something that demonstrates his higher value or positive aspects of himself, his overall value in the club goes up. Gambits that involve flash game can cause other girls in the club to notice you. If the observed, however, is being rejected or doing something embarrassing, his overall club value will go down.

Mystery prefers to be the observed…


When seducing, be the observed, instead of the observer

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Source: Mystery

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