Nylon is a synthetic material that is used in clothing and as well as in other applications.  It was first produced in the early 20th century.  Nylon is a silky-feeling synthetic material that was first used in items such as toothbrushes as toothbrush bristles.  In time, the application of nylon diversified.

Perhaps most famously, nylon is the base material of women’s pantyhose also known as stockings.  It was from this popularized use of nylon for women’s pantyhose, which pantyhose and stockings became secondary names, and the undergarment began to be referred to as “nylons.” Nylon was originally constructed to be a substitute for silk, which was and continues to be an expensive material out of which to make garments and other things.  In addition to being used for women’s undergarments, nylon was used extensively in military applications during World War II when it was used for things such as parachutes and vests, for examples.

mens jacket windbreaker nylon material
Example of Nylon-made windbreaker jackets

Currently, nylon is still used for a lot of things.  For men, in particular, it is often used for athletic gear and clothing, including swimming trunks, workout shorts and tops; it is used in sneakers, etc.  Because of it’s elasticity, it allows “give” for men who may be engaging in sports, for example.  Nylon is also used in other types of garments including jackets, belts, backpacks and socks. However, there are still many other applications for the synthetic material. Because nylon if often combined with other synthetic materials such as spandex, there is an array of garments that nylon can be found in.

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