Number Crunching

(Written by guest author The G Manifesto)

Quick Definition: To roll out at night where your main focus (at least for part of the night) is to develop leads and fill your pipeline with girls’ phone numbers in a short period of time.

Full Definition:

The classic way to Number Crunch is to spit game at a fly girl, gain rapport and attraction, and hand her your cell phone, telling her to put her number in. The interaction is very direct and Alpha like. Then, move on to the next target.

Number Crunching is very effective in stuffing your pipe with fresh leads, especially when you arrive in a new city to take over. Certain gigs are more Number Crunching friendly, such as a gig early in the night.

Later in the night you want to focus on closing.


Let’s roll to this charity event with fly rich girls in summer dresses, Number Crunch for a while, then hit the Gentleman’s Club and swoop some Exotic Dancers.

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Source: The G Manifesto

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