Quick Definition: A body language technique used to determine a person’s natural response to a specific scenario. In scientific experiments, referred to as the “control” group.

Full Definition:

What is the normal behavior levels of this person? Norming attempts to answer this question with each new person we meet. PUAs will often ask a clear cut question—such as, “what was the last time you remember being very happy?”—and then read the girl’s response. Her natural response will give the artist an indication of what her normal “happy” expression is.

The artist can then use that as a “control,” knowing that particular expression and body language cluster are her “normal” response to thoughts of happiness.

The concept of norming is extremely important. PUAs often confuses extreme IOIs from girls who may already be in that state. Imagine a girl who just got out of a Snoop Dogg concert and is on E. Her extreme emotions may make her very prone to sexual advances, and the PUA thinks he has her. In fact, she has been trying to make out with the last 10 guys she passed by on the street. In this extreme case, her norming behavior is that of a floozy, and IOIs should be read as such. The opposite example involves a shy librarian who may look up at you as a sign of her IOI. Amateurs may mistake this for lack of interest when, in fact, she’s actually giving the PUA a strong invitation to seduce her, in contrast with her normal appearance.

An average party for these boys wouldn’t turn out a hit like the movie Project X. Normal here is out of the realm of reality and the definition of “big enough to be cool” is a little different than most:

Because body language influences at least 40-70% of what we say, it is important to read it correctly to reveal what people are really thinking based on their normalized behavior patterns. See 10:00 to the 2nd half of the video for examples of norming among celebrities.

A documentary on body language of famous icons:


Make her you understand her normal behavior patterns before you jump to a conclusion, we just met this girl.

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