Quick Definition: A boring, curt conversation where one person is not genuinely interested, and is thus not paying attention or giving serious thought to the questions or comments of the other person.

Full Definition:

A PUA never wants to have a nonversation with an HB. When the replies or comments from the target are short and to the point, continuing or adding value to the conversation is extremely difficult. For example,

AFC: “Do you live around here?”

HB: “No”

AFC “Oh, where do you live then?”

HB: “Saratoga”

AFC: “Cool, Saratoga is in California, right? It is a great town”

HB: “Yeah…”

Although this is a form of DLV and IOD that is slightly better than the girl completely ignoring the PUA and turning away, it is painful to watch and participate in, as every sentence feels like pulling teeth.

It is possible at this point to throw a neg, tell an interesting story, or change one’s style to elicit a stronger emotion from the target, increasing the chances of progressing the set. Ideally, however, a PUA should avoid nonversations.


I just had a great nonversation with my target and then ejected after 3 minutes.

Related Terms: IOD, Neg theory, Bitch shield, Vacuum, Banter, BHRR

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