Non Responsiveness

AKA Non Responsive Girl

Quick Definition: A state whereby a woman ignores and does not respond directly to a PUA’s advances.

Full Definition:

PUAs are quick to assume that a non-responsive target is just a bitch, the truth is, women are susceptible to seduction because the can be driven strongly by their emotions. So can most human beings, in fact. Mystery explains in the Venusian arts:

non responsive

A natural friend of mine give a great analogy for gaming harder girls:

A girl, especially one that is attractive and gets many approaches by guys during the day, will generally keep a social shield up. That’s her armor. The better and more persistent you are, the more likely you are able get past that armor. You may see a little crack in the armor when she mentions something about her past. Go there. Explore more with her. Once a crack is there, light shines through, and you’re starting to see her for who she really is. Sometimes you are not able to even “crack” a girl, that’s ok. The point is, if you are persistent, at some point she has to return to her “normal” self. This is why most hot girls fall prey or fall into relationships with friends over time. If you are living with hot girls, chances are, over time, they may get to know you more and more and be more emotionally invested if you are at the core an attractive guy.

Most girls will warm up to you if you can balance the fine line of persistence without annoyance. Sometimes it is important to call it quits and save time, but for quality girls persistence can sometimes pay off)


Non responsive reactions suck, give it 3-4 tries before you give up

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