Non-Reaction Seeking

Quick Definition: An attitude and mindset a pickup artist adopts that enables him to not be overly reactive to the emotions and reactions of others.

Full Definition:

Non-reaction seeking is a behavior that allows a person to act based on his own internal frame, as opposed to the social pressures and frames of others. As Tim of RSD calls it: the “don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks” mentality. This does not mean that society has absolutely no influence on the PUA; rather, it is important to realize how society has programmed certain beliefs as whole into the fabric of our culture, and not be completely swayed on these things on fundamental and personal level.

Non-reaction seeking also does not mean that a PUA can remain totally un-calibrated to other’s reactions in field. When in set, PUAs need to make a mental note of IOIs or IODs, for example, but not completely react to an IOD from a girl right away. A combination of strong frame, belief, and social calibration is the best success.

A person of high value—what a pick up artist should strive to become—is a person who is non-reaction seeking. He has a level of sense of entitlement in life and is therefore congruent with this personality and non-reaction seeking.


Learn to become non-reaction seeking in your interactions, especially during night game.

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