• Nimbus

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Aka “halo”

    Quick Definition: The positive energy a PUA projects, or the manifestation of a person’s state of mind that creates a strong aura and vibe around his body.

    Full Definition:

    Although not of the physical plane, a nimbus can be observed through the actions and interactions of the owner of that energy. Great pickup instructors possess the nimbus vibe. As Jeffy often says, “I am surrounded by a shining nimbus of golden light.”

    A halo is a similar concept, that refers to the golden circle above an angel’s head. As if believing in luck and divinity alone creates a level of self fulfilling prophecy that this person is surrounded by a powerful energy or vibe.

    And sometimes, if you look close enough, the nimbus and halo shines so brightly you can almost see it.

    The nimbus as represented in famed anime series Dragon Ball Z


    Troy always has a “nimbus” of positive energy around him. People tend to gravitate toward him.

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