Nightlife Princess

AKA “Party Girls” or “Club Girls”

Quick Definition: The type of turbo girl who takes control of a club and treats it like her own palace.

Full Definition:

The nightlife princess asserts her power over her territories of clubs via her beauty and her party girl ways. Typically the ex-model, the “princess” didn’t quite make it in the modeling industry given her excessive partying and her inability to focus on the needs of her clients and her agency.

However, she is still hot, and her partying ways are appreciated by the men in clubs and other girls who get validation from her. This type of girl is a social master at getting attention, even if it involves crying or doing something embarrassing. In the club, she’s usually the social kitten with Attention Deficit Disorder that follows the most shiny new thing around. She thrives on the nightlife and party life, where she usually receives the most attention.

nightlife princess
the party girl
Celebrities can also be nightlife princesses
Celebrities such as Lady Gaga can also be nightlife princesses

The nightlife princess usually does not have strong family ties and lacks inner game congruence for a long term girlfriend. Sometimes, this could be a phase a pretty girl goes through to find out who she really is beneath the beautiful flesh. Nightlife princesses are hot, and closing them isn’t easy. However, they do not always make the best relationship material. Taking a page from The G Manifesto:

You know the type: skips the line for the Nightclub like hop-scotch, knows all the bouncers, bartenders, waitresses, club promoters, party girls, DJ’s, drug dealers (kind of sounds like the G….). But this is not the G, it’s The Nightlife Princess. Every (legitimate) city has at least one. Typically, she is fly, bordering on beautiful, maybe has some tear sheets, wasn’t a successful model for a variety of reasons (lack of focus, too much partying, missing castings, too short, too exotic of a look, etc…), has traveled (sometimes extensively), has bisexual tendencies, has names like Adriana or Lavender, knows DJ’s (current or ex-boyfriend is often a DJ), Never misses the Winter Music Conference, can dance like a Coca-Cola mixed with Pop Rocks, family often has summer cribs in Italy on the Adriatic, and sometimes but not always comes from Big family money. The difference between her and regular party girls is that she is the Top Party Girl. Examples, of Famous Nightlife Princesses are Madonna and Ingrid Casares to name a few.


Sasha is what we would call a nightlife princess.

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Source: The G Manifesto

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