Nick Savoy

Nick Savoy was Mystery’s business partner. Prior to joining the game, he studied business and graduated from Wharton with an MBA. Nick was unsuccessful with women prior to discovering the community in 2003. Since his split with Mystery, he has managed to develop Love Systems into its own company and moved forward with products on phone game, text game and managing relationships.

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Most women tend to make sexual decisions based more on their emotional state than pure physical attraction. This does not mean that your looks are not important. They absolutely are, and if you are good-looking, some women will have sex with you based on your looks alone. However, while women vary greatly, most of the time you will need to make an emotional impact. One thing we’ve found in our combined tens of thousands of approaches is that there are four emotional triggers that – if you can activate them all – tend to make women say yes.

These are:

  • Feeling that a man’s value is equal to or greater than hers.
  • Feeling that she’s special to him or that she’s earned his attention.
  • Feeling comfort and connection with him.
  • Feeling aroused by his touch without awkwardness or embarrassment.

Dating science isn’t about the “killer pickup line” or the magic secret that unlocks women’s hearts. It’s about understanding the system and doing enough of the little things right to succeed with women.

Your journey might have started with smartphones, but don’t let it end there. Dating science is real. It works. It’s not manipulative, it’s not only for certain kinds of guys, and it’s not [insert whatever excuse you’re making here].

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