Nice Guy

Quick Definition: The typical AFC, who is very nice and polite to people, but oftentimes lacks a certain selfishness that conveys his own self worth and attractiveness.

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There are many types of nice guysthe orbiter who spends countless hours of his time listening to the problems of his very attractive female friends because they need someone to talk to about their bad boy boyfriend, the nice older guy who uses his money to take of younger girls for favors, the asexual male friend who tries to court his girlfriends to no effect, even the BF who the girl occasionally fucks but is planning to break up with, among many others.

The underlying theme of the nice guy is not that woman aren’t attracted to politeness and genuine qualities of man, rather most nice guys do not have a healthy sense of entitlement. In other words, sometimes anger and cockiness have a place and time given the situation. Standing up for yourself is important to S&R, and thus is an attraction trigger in courtship (and there are many nerd turned rockstar movies).

Kezia Noble shares her insights on “nice guys


You’re too much of a nice guy–there’s no edge or roughness to your aura.

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