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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The concept of not lingering on the negative outcome of a particular situation, and moving on to the next set.

    Full Definition:

    Similar the MTV show “Next,” this term refers to the mindset of putting a stop-loss on a pickup, GF, or LTR that is going nowhere and focus on looking for additional pick up opportunities.

    The Next philosophy is an important one and extends beyond PU to other areas of life. While it is logically feasible to assess the situation and acknowledge and accept one’s mistakes, lingering on it emotionally only takes a toll on the PUA.

    It is important to understand and feel that the next opportunity is just waiting for the taking. The most successful businessmen, athletes, and people in general, have faced much more rejections than the average person, and have come out the stronger for it. A PUA should strive for no less.

    Don’t take the game too seriously. We have all been there:


    Wing: “That was a bad blowout”

    PUA: “Next.”

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