New Behavior Patterns

Quick Definition: When a fundamental shift happens that enables a person to change his or her behavior patterns towards a new goal and lifestyle.

Full Definition:

New behavior patterns, when they emerge, are an exciting feeling. However, much challenge can await someone when he is trying to change his lives. Tony Robins talks about the idea of changing behavior and changing lives, with a combination of NLP, psychology, and life coaching tools.

In order for new behavior patterns to take place, the intrinsic motivation and the way a person sees the world and the future has to change. Sometimes these changes are negative, depending on the frame of mind.

Generally speaking, life coaches have to connect with the student cognitively and emotionally. Influence and behavior can be significant only if you are truly empathetic and able to help.

Tony Robbins on breaking through to your life goals:

Part 2 on Breakthrough with Tony Robbins


In the long run, you will start to develop new behavior patterns if you stick on this path of self improvement.

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