Nester Chick

Quick Definition: A girl that is looking to rush into marriage, or “nesting” quickly, usually with a man of beta behavior and ideally of significant wealth.

Full Definition:

From a woman’s perspective, nesting early has its biological advantages. The girl is able to lock down a man during her peak years, 18-28 and have babies while still relatively young. Meanwhile, the man is still out of college and likely unaware of the ways of seduction. He thus usually settles for a mediocre girl, both in looks and personality because it was a “college romance.”

Nester chicks are also big into family and raising children. As such, the man continues to work and support the family while the woman focuses on raising the family.

The motivations behind nester chicks can be genuine or deceiving. Some girls genuinely want to have a family, and will seek out other men who do. Others are more deceiving, often targeting a young man who comes from a wealthy family. Stories abound with Silicon Valley geeks who just sold their startup, finding hot blonde girls standing at their doorway in the morning, looking to take them for a ride.

Due to the mentality of most nester chicks, the reasons for marriage often put the relationship at risk because of the lack of time allowed for a genuine connection and long term stability. There is a subset of men who are compatible with nester chicks, who also desire family and marriage, although such men are often masking their true desires to become alpha males, or may have simply accepted their beta status. Good looking nester chicks can tie down a guy of significant value, if her game is tight, or if the man is weak.

The type of guys who fall prey to nester chicks are usually either natural beta / provider males, or males who are living below their potential in sexual abundance. As such, we often find men who later on go crazy or divorce their wives years down the road, only to realize that is it too late to be completely “free” again.

Liz on Tough Love Season 2 as a Nester Chick:


That girl is a total Nester Chick, look at her go after Alan like that!

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