Negative Body Language

Quick Definition: The art of non-verbal communication that expresses a person’s disinterest in another person.

Full Definition:

In Tao of Badass, Josh Pellicer explains the 3 types of body language and how they are important to game.

First, body language = 60% of our communication

Tonality and Voice is 20%

And finally, the words we use, is another 20%

Therefore, body language makes or breaks our interaction with women.

In the 60% Body Language, there is:

  1. Negative body language
  2. Positive body language
  3. Dominant body language
Negative body language is the process of moving our bodies in a way that does 2 things:
  1. Shows disinterest in a target
  2. Eliminates non needy behavior that most AFCs have.

For example, a PUA can be talking to a girl, standing with his foot facing away from her and his head turned to her. Mystery calls this “rocking in” and a non verbal “takeaway.” She hasn’t earned your attention yet, and you’re showing her, without words, that you do not need her approval. She will feel compelled to chase you.

For most of the training in negative body language, Josh refers to to the ways to reduce the level of “interest” a guy is showing a girl. Most guys make the following errors:

  1. They stand too close to the girl
  2. They face her with both their feet (the feet points to where our desire is)
  3. They turn and face her right away and gives her ALL his attention, while she is still turned facing away
  4. They lean in to listen to her (pecking)

On a higher level, negative body language can be mastered to show that a PUA is very selective and not easily impressed. He looks around just to see if he’s missing any action in the bar before turning back to speak to her.

He opens his shoulder away from her and then turns back, with a smile.

Negative BL essentially becomes a more powerful IOD than verbal IODs. It must be practiced and used carefully in conjunction with the rest of the pillars of attraction.


You have to learn to display negative body language with positive verbal communication – it is a powerful combination.

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