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  • Negs / Neg Theory

    By on December 23, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A unique technique developed by Mystery that involves conveying active disinterest in a HB9+ target for the purpose of removing her bitch shield and lowering her value relative to the PUA’s perceived value.

    Full Definition:

    Neg theory is often misunderstood as a slight insult or backhanded compliment. In its precise field demonstration, a neg is delivered with a straight face, involving a neg hit that communicates one’s disinterest in the HB9’s beauty. The proper response from a neg is laughter.

    Mystery explains in the Venusian Arts Handbook that because 9s and 10s are so used to guys complimenting them, and snubbing guys, sometimes we need to snub them. However, we can’t outright insult them, because they are used to this, and in doing so, we are breaking social rules and closing the door to get to know them better.

    On the other hand, if a 9 or 10 is acting her value and she doesn’t perceive you as a 9 or 10, how to you get her to open up? One way it to use negs. The theory of negs has been hotly debated. Masters who are actually 9s and 10s don’t really need negs. However, in certain club situations, where the PUA by default assumes lower value (i.e. she’s the hot girl at the bar dancing he’s not dressed well by himself). A neg is a social counter to the girl’s perceived value. It is important that negs are thrown based on HER perceived value of herself and you. Just because a girl is hot, it doesn’t mean she thinks shes 9 or 10. Also, just because you think she’s out of your league, she may not think so.

    With the seduction community’s evolution, and the ability to relate ego-less to another person (Eckhart Tolle), the use of the neg is not as important as when it was first invested. Furthermore, a guy who is a genuine 9 or 10 have other ways of DHVing himself to match a true 9 or 10 girl.

    Personally, I use negs to bring the girl to a human level, if her ego is stopping us from getting to know each other. Intentions to insult the girl or otherwise bring her down using negs often backfire. For example, if a girl IODs me more than once and I recognize it (she keeps looking at her phone or away), I will then neg her with something like, “I didn’t want to say this before, you have some dust on your jacket” or, “I can see we’re never going to get along”

    Negging is like opening the door (chivalry) – it is a off-shot thought – you’re not saying it to get a reaction. Like, “Oh, there’s my wallet”, a random thought designed to sink into her head but not affect you at all. Pebbles and compliments work the same way: the sincerity comes from your non-reaction seeking behavior and detachment from your and her ego in the whole situation. In simply a statement of the mind of the current perceived reality. Ekhart Tolle’s theories help tremendously in understanding ego-less, core behavior.

    Mystery's Negs

    Mystery’s original notes on negs dated in early 2000s

    Negs are not necessary for picking up HB9s/10s. In some situations where the woman is put in a social position as highly desirable, such as a strip club, it may be necessary to use negs. For regular interactions, negs are usually only used if the HB is displaying some type of bitch shield or social mask that stops one from properly gaming her.

    Matador: The appropriate response from a girl after a neg is laughter.

    In general approximation:

    SHB/HB10 – at most, 3 negs spaced out in between

    HB8/9 – 1, max 2 negs

    HB7 and below – negging a 7 may have the counter effect of ruining your game.

    Be aware of the state and emotion of the HB, as HB7s can feel like HB10s in a high male ratio bar, while HB10s can be having a bad day/self esteem issues that lend her to respond negatively to negs.

    A parody of negs in pop culture (there’s an element of truth in every parody):


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    Source: Mystery

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