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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A guy who is naturally good with women.

    Full Definition:

    The community refers to guys who do not have knowledge of the community but who still are able to attain PUA results with women as naturals. Usually, naturals have a strong upbringing where they have had exposure to and experience with attractive females. A natural generally has a strong sense of identity and push and pull dynamics based on his instincts and experience. The reference of these men as “AFCs” would be inaccurate, as they do get lays. Thus, the term “natural.”

    Many naturals have their own unique styles and are not always able to break down exactly what they do to get women into bed. There are naturals who have some success, but still have certain shortcomings in certain areas of game and thus become involved the PUA community.

    At first, naturals may suffer decreased game due to learning the new rules of seduction and trying to integrate this with their natural approach and style (instinctive vs. instructive). Once a natural has learned the details of game, many become even stronger seducers than they were before.

    It is incorrect to say that naturals were born to be good at women. They’ve just gone through their own learning process outside of the community. As pickup guru Zan puts it, “Any guy that is good with women, is good because he went out and practiced and took what worked, and discarded what didn’t. There is no such thing as a born natural. They all learned it…. women are attracted to the way a man moves through life.”

    Many of the techniques and routines in the seduction community have come from modeling the behavior of naturals, taking the behaviors that work, and amplifying them.

    Zan on Game:

    Zan on being a natural:


    Adam is good looking and is a natural who gets laid a lot.

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