• Natural Selection

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    Quick Definition: The process by which favorable traits become more common in successive generations of a population of reproducing organisms, and unfavorable traits become less common, due to the difference in the reproductive success in passing on a organism’s genes.

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    As it relates to pickup artistry, natural selection explains many of our behaviors today—why women prefer physically fit men, stable emotions, and why men prefer perky breasts, longer hair, and a symmetrical face. These traits in our ancestors resulted in a higher survival rate and reproduction rate, and thus increased the offspring’s chances of surviving and passing on their genes.

    In Sperm Wars, Robin Baker argues that a woman’s affinity to oral sex allows her to test the health of her mate, as well as be more likely to induce a strong ejaculation. As such, this behavior increases the chances of her mating with a healthy male. Millions of years ago, those females that gave oral sex were more likely to bear offspring, and, over time, the propensity for oral sex as an evolutionary mechanism to test a mate’s health has increased over generations. (For example, if the semen or vagina has a bad smell or is unclean, it is likely that the organism is less healthy at the time of sex)

    Natural selection is not specific to sex and genders. Traits also developed that enhance survival. For example, the ability for apes to walk on two feet instead of four allowed them to travel longer distances and further explore the world. That said, this survival skill is only passed on subsequently through sexual selection.


    Natural Selection over time weeds out traits that hurt S&R value, and retains traits and characteristics that enhances S&R value.

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    Source: Charles Darwin

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