• Natural Base

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Refers to the natural default personality draw of a person.

    Full Definition:

    Elliot Hulse talks about a “natural base” at 11:05 in this video. This term refers to a person’s natural personality and strength of vibe. Some guys just have that “draw”. What would you be like if you knew nothing about pick up? This is your natural base. Some guys have a stronger base than others, and those who are less socially calibrated need more work.

    Oftentimes, at an early age, a guy with a natural base tends to internalize more alpha-mannerisms that lasts throughout his lifetime. A non-natural can develop these behavior patterns too, but it becomes exponentially harder as the man gets older and his behavior becomes more ingrained.

    Whether or not you have a high natural base, conscious practice makes perfect.

    Usage: John’s got a great natural base but they don’t always know how to take it.

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