• Mystery's Winging Rules

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Here are Mystery’s rules on winging.

    1. He who opens the set, owns the set. He gets first choice of target.

    2. The primary purpose of the wing is to help the player get his target. If the wing can game his own target, fine, but that is not his primary purpose.

    3. Don’t ever steal the target. Many times the player will be ignoring or negging the target, never use this time to step in and steal her. Never.

    4. The wing should occupy the obstacles so that the player gets more one on one time with target.

    5. Always agree with your wing. Never take the girls side over him. He is always right.

    6. Your wing is a great cool guy. That is why you hang out with him. After all you have standards.

    7.Your wings feelings are important to you. Even more important than the girls feelings. When he approaches the set, turn and face him. If you disrespect your wing, it will lower your value to the girls. Never leave him standing there without acknowledging or introducing him.

    To quote a good friend Stone: “I am no longer the bank robber. I am the fucking bank. People come to me and no longer do I feel the need to get something from someone else.”. Embody this mentality, and in a strange paradoxical way more will flow towards you.

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