Mystery On Rapport

author:           “Mystery”
date:               Tue, 16 Sep 2001 03:12:00 GMT
subject:          Mystery On Rapport … if you ATTRACT her first (personality conveying), then QUALIFY her (make her jump through your hoops (HOOP THEORY) to qualify herself to you and then compliment her on her success ….

Rapport is to many people poorly defined word. I personally discard the word because of this and replace it whenever I read it with “Trust and Comfort”. And yes I have, a teacher of attraction, considered this at length. I don’t want to have my students wrongly assume what something means. I’ve read many books on rapport so I have an understanding of several variations of what rapport MEANS. It boils down to “Trust and Comfort”. This is separate from attraction, which is a form of envy and curiousity. If a woman learns about you and this information makes her envious of you (or your situation or social standing) and curious to know more, she will take the time to “get to know you”. what IS “getting to know”? it not about obtaining a quantified list of answers to standard questions. Its about FEELING like the know you. They are concerned that A) they can trust that you wont make them feel uncomfortable and B) they have comfort with you. so not only must they have comfort with you before you can begin to seduce them (which I believe begins when you make ‘a pass’ (which is not done when you kiss her as that is a rapport building tactic but only when you have her in a private seduction location like her bedroom or yours)), but you also need to provide her with enough evidence to suggest that you wont make her uncomfortable in the future.

So, if you ATTRACT her first (personality conveying), then QUALIFY her (make her jump through your hoops (HOOP THEORY) to qualify herself to you and then compliment her on her success in jumping through them (eg: “You’re GERMAN? Oh my god I love you!” — this one came from a beautiful and intellegent (that’s rare) exotic dancer last night) so that your kino isnt seen as if you do that to everyone, then you can go into RAPPORT phase. this means, no more negging (unless she triggers your PUNISHMENT/REWARD subroutine as usual), no more BALLBUSTING (I use that term loosely because really ballbusting is a loose term for what happens during PUNISHMENT/REWARD), and generally being NICE (only when she deserves it will you PUNISH by either a NEG (not NEG HIT), or ACTIVE IGNORANCE (where you turn back to her, or lean back from the convo uninterestedly and fail to proactively hold the convo). The PURPOSE of the RAPPORT PHASE is to build TRUST and COMFORT. if you have that, then she will TRUST coming over to you house. She’ll feel comfortable with you … and ‘know’ that you wont make her feel uncomfortable. many times, the biggest obstacle to your success comes in the form of a “I don’t even know you” objection. This can be solved with TIME. Take the time to allow her to ‘get to know you’ by building TRUST and COMFORT because she wouldnt be talking to you that long if she wasnt already ATTRACTED. With RAPPORT (Comfort and Trust) she will have no problem with dropping by your house. Then there are way to KEEP her comfortable to get her in the bedroom. Once on the bed, or even simply on the couch in your living room (under guise of continuing to buld rapport) you may NOW phase shift to SEDUCTION mode and make a pass on her. See, getting a bridge made (getting her # or getting a location meet up) should NOT be seen as a PASS but a way to continue ‘getting to know eachother’. with attraction comes a CHANCE to build RAPPORT. with RAPPORT comes trust to come to you SEDUCTION LOCATION (her place or yours, sometimes even the car ifyou agree to drive to a secluded place to ‘park and look at the city from the hill’). it is only AT the seduction location that endeavering to make her horny will then reward you with a FULL MONTY CLOSE (there is only ONE close in this game, and that’s FULL MONTY, the kiss close is not a close just like biting her neck or pulling her hair is not a close, they are RAPPORT TACTICS! and the # close is actually a BRIDGE, to bridge the gap of time between when you part and when you come together again so you may continue your gameplan). This way, you wont have any LMR (although you’ll have LMR tactics to what will make her feel COMFORT and TRUST with you as you penetrate her).

Keep it UP!



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