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Context: Originally a post on disarming obstacles in set

Mystery, ASF: To get a 10 you NEED 7 and 8 girls to PAWN. Make them laugh and the 10 in the other group will take notice. Then enter the group and be the center. NEG the target while you address the rest of the crowd. Be so intersting that they ask YOU questions. NEG the ten again in front of the friends. Then once the group likes you, close in on the target with a mood of ok ok, I’ll let you talk to me. You are appealing to her emotions. She felt bad for being left out and then you GIVE IN and make her the center of attention.

Johnny Shack: Remember: there is often some (usually ugly) sour womens liberation girl in a group, who will stuff the momentum up which is what leads to missing out on story nights. So make note of not leaving her out of the conversation. This girl can be very influential as she will pull the morality strings of the group (which is the last thing you need out there in jungle warfare). Get her interested in you and let the games begin. Make that ugly and mouthy girl of tje group like you, this will allow the others to act their slutty selves.

Another example of getting a girl away from her friends by an anonymous contributor, SS-list: “Pardon the interruption.. I’d like to tell you something and which I know you’ll enjoy more in private. Believe me..” (motion with your hand to the side or lead her with your open palm to the side. And then to her friends -) “Excuse me ladies.. I’ll borrow her only for a moment” (Once she’s outside the flock -) “..the reason I took you aside is that… (paaaaaaauuuuzzzz) all your friends there are beautiful, of course.. but there is something about you that absolutely stands out (besides her tits, but don’t tell her that!)…. and I just HAD to tell you that. (Shut up until she asks or shows curiosity, then -) (give her a sincere compliment that has nothing to do with her beauty, of course, then -} and I hope you’re the type of woman who can tell the difference between a pickup (gesture away) and a sincere compliment (sp)”. Give her a knowing look (which you can use later on as an anchor), and walk away!! She’ll run after you!

Mystery postcard
Mystery postcard