Mystery Method (MM)

Quick Definition: A method of seduction developed by Mystery, and also the name of his former company.

Full Definition:

The Mystery Method is a structured approach to pickup that uses the M3 model to break down each step of an interaction with a woman, from meeting to having a sexual relationship with her. The model divides pickup into 3 sub segments for attraction, 3 for comfort, and 3 for seduction, with details on what to do at each specific stage. It is a roadmap that GPUAs can use to help develop their game.

The M3 Model’s first introduction was in Mystery’s Venusian Arts Handbook. The M3 Model can be applied to other pickup methods as well and has been a cornerstone in defining the structure of the seduction community.

The Mystery Method is also the name of the pickup company that Mystery started with his partner Savoy in 2004. Mystery split from the company in 2008, going on to found a new company by the name of Venusian Arts, and Savoy renamed the Mystery Method corporation to Love Systems.

The full M3 Model 1 sheet:

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Source: Mystery

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