Mystery Lounge

AKA “Mystery’s Lounge”

Quick Definition: An exclusive seduction forum created by Mystery.

Full Definition:

Mystery’s Lounge was originally an exclusive forum for advanced pickup artists located on Only select PUAs that had proved their skills in field were invited to join the Lounge, where they traded tips and tricks on how to pickup women. Over time, bootcamp participants that were taught by Mystery gained access to the Lounge as well, and the Lounge evolved into more of a forum for Mystery’s students.

Given that the Mystery Method corporation split into two separate companies—Love Systems led by Savoy and Venusian Arts led by Mystery—it is unclear if an ongoing Mystery’s Lounge still exists. Love Systems does have a private forum called the Love Systems Lounge for students who have taken bootcamps with the company, but Venusian Arts only seems to offer the Venusian Arts forum, which is a public forum open to any interested PUAs.

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