Mystery (Erik Von Markovik)

Born in Canada in 1971 as Erik James Horvat-Markovic, Mystery was a major contributor to the seduction community since its inception on the ASF forums as seducers began exchanging ideas online. In the book The Game, he took on author Neil Strauss under his wing and brought him under his tutelage. Prior to becoming a PUA, Mystery was a magician and used the same stage name for his magic shows. His first girlfriend was his assistant from a kid’s birthday party where he performed his first magic show.

As mainstream media began to notice the community, in 2007, Mystery was featured on the VH1 reality show The Pick-up Artist and again in 2008 in The Pick-up Artist: Season 2. Mystery is probably one of the most well known PUAs in the community, first labeling himself and then acknowledged by others as the “world’s greatest pick-up artist”.
Indeed, many of the original pickup artist lingo was developed by Mystery in The Mystery Method. He was a major pioneer in the idea of “structured game”, and that game can be taught systematically from one instructor to another person. His major detractors represent the natural game group: instructors that believe in developing individual personalities as opposed to mechanical routines. Both schools of thought have their merits and drawbacks.

Mystery Quotes

My job here is to get you into the game.  I need to get what’s in my head into yours.  Think of tonight as a video game. It is not real. Every time you do an approach, you are playing this game.  All your emotions are going to try to fuck you up.  They are there to try to confuse you, so know right now that they cannot be trusted at all. You will feel shy sometimes, and self-conscious, and you must deal with it like you deal with a pebble in your shoe. It’s uncomfortable, but you ignore it. It’s not part of the equation.

I’m dressing for the outrageous club girls, the hot slutty girls, the ones I could never get.  They’re playing groupie, so I gotta play rock star.

Mystery Pictures

mystery magic
Mystery performing a magic trick
mystery matador
Mystery and Matador
mystery tyler durden
Mystery and Tyler Durden
neil strauss peacocking
Mystery and Style Peacocking

Mystery on Conan

Mystery on Jimmy Kimmel

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