"Must Have"

A must have is something that one cannot, or at least should not go without.  Several years ago, the Birkin bag was a must have for women.  Actually, it was a must have that many women couldn’t have because it was simply unaffordable for most women.  For men, especially athletes, a must have item can be a certain brand of sneakers, or a new stylish gadget for home or one’s car.  On a visceral level, a must have item is something that a person feels they want so badly that they actually need it.

A must have for a “pimp” sexual avatar must have a slick suit, and perhaps his “cane”

Basketball players or urban kids may have “Air Jordans” as a must have. These days, a IPad is a “must have” in the technology industry.

A must have is a hot fashion item that has been accepted by the mainstream fashion industry for a particular season or longer time frame.


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